Elizabethan England 1: Queen, Government and Religion 1558-69

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Chapter 1: Queen, Government and Religion 1558-69



The process of applying holy oil to a monarch during their coronation. Elizabeth did not want to kill a monarch that had been anointed by God.

Auld Alliance

The longstanding friendship that existed between France and Scotland.


Region of France previously held by England but lost by Mary I. Elizabeth unsuccessfully tried to reclaim it, finally losing all claims to the territory.

Crucifix Controversy

Puritans successfully forced the Queen to back down when she had tried to insist that all churches displayed a crucifix.


The severe punishment from the pope, expelling Elizabeth from the Catholic Church and damning her soul to hell.

Marian Bishops

Marian bishops: Mary's Catholic bishops who, with one exception, refused to serve in Elizabeth’s protestant church.


Giving somebody an important job or position, usually to secure their loyalty.

Privy Council

Approximately 19 leading…


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