Elizabethan Era

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Early Elizabethan

Who was Elizabeth?

-         Daughter of king henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

-         Became queen aged 25

-         Main priority was to settle the nation and ensure England’s national security

-         Never got married


-         Queen Elizabeth had the upmost authority and rule. No one was on the same level

-         She set an agenda of what parliament was allowed to discuss and pass laws about

-         Parliament became more influential and was in conflict with Elizabeth over religion, marriage etc.


-         England was divided by religion. Country was Roman Catholic for nearly 1000 years until henry VIII. In 20 years the countries religion changed 3 times causing tension and divisions

-         Elizabeth changed religion to protestant but made a religious settlement which allowed some catholic traditions

-         Parliament also helped by passing the act of supremacy and act of uniformity

-         She faced threats and plots from Catholics and puritans.

-         Catholics wanted Mary to be queen because they thought she was legitimate. People said Elizabeth was illegitimate because the pope didn’t allow henrys divorce

Economy and Society:

-         Elizabethans believed god sent out an order and place for everything. The queen was at the top and controlled wealth and life chances

-         Poverty was thought to be your own fault but with Elizabeth that changed because there was a shift in attitude sue to rise of poverty and poor laws

-         Elizabeth’s reign was the ‘golden age’

Law and Order:

-         She faced lots of challenges many from catholic plotters

-         Elizabeth also plotted against them with the Northern Earls Rebellion, The Throckmorton Plot and The Babington Plot which helped secure England

Foreign Affairs:

-         Elizabeth faced challenges from France and Spain during her reign. They were both more powerful, wealthier and catholic

-         France were seen as the biggest threat in the start due to their link with Mary but civil was in France and Elizabeth’s sensible diplomacy minimised the risk

-         Spain turned out to be biggest threat

-         Tensions built between the 2 countries which eventually caused the Spanish armada 1588

-         Spain failed to invade and that failure made Elizabeth’s image and status better

Strengths Elizabeth Brought:

·         Elizabeth was popular and her reign was seen as a fresh start.

·         She had English parents, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. This meant that she would be more likely to be free from overseas influences.

·         She was single so she could have her choice of suitors rather than be controlled by a foreign husband.

·         Elizabeth was a Protestant and was committed to re-establishing the Protestant Church in England. This would please some but not all.

Problems Elizabeth inherited:

·         Elizabeth’s sister, Mary, had left debts of £250,000.

·         Some feared a female ruler meant that England would continue to be seen as a


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