English Language paper 2


Paper 2 Section A Reading

Question 1: This question just relates to the first souce text, so re read it carefully before awnsering it. 4marks 5-10 mins. Make sure you read each statement carefully before you decide whether itis true or not. Some of the statements will refer to the implicit information and ideas. You will have to infer and interperupt.

Question 2: This question relates to both texts, so re read the secong text carefully before awnsering it. 8marks 10 mins. To show a detailed understanding of differences between the information. Offers perceptive interpretation of both texts. Synthesizes evidnece between texts. Select judious range of quotaitons from both texts.

Question 3: This question relates to just one source texts so you migh want to skim read it before awnsering the question.12marks 10-15mins. Show a detailed and perceptive understanding of language. Analyse the effects of the writters choice of language. Select a judious range of quotations. uses subject terminology appropiately.

Question 4: This question relates to both sources so you may want to skim read the secong text again. 16marks 15-20 mins. Show a detailed understanding of the similarities and differences between the ideas and perspectives. Compares ideas…


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