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Text types

English language

  • Non fiction text types:
  • Avertisements, reviews, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, information leaflets, magazine articles.
  • Literary non fiction texts:
  • Features article, essays, travel writing, accounts of famous events, autobiographies.
  • Biography: This is a piece of writing about someones life, it can include their job, family, fame, etc.
  • Information leaflet: Made to inform people about a product, event or person. Titles of information leaflets usually include imperative langauge (language that commands or instructs the reader). This then gives the reader a clear message, for example "Get baking!" is the use of imperative language because it it telling you to get baking. The text within a leaflet will often include instructional language. It is therefore assuming that the reader will agree with the writers opinion. In an information leaflet there are often headings and sub headings on the title and each page, these are used to direct the reader through each page/section but it also clearly states the topic of the page. The text is used to




very good information on types of texts and what they are :)