English glossary 4


English Glossary 4

Latching – A fluency feature in conversation, where speakers clearly show acknowledgement of each others’ questions or observations and invite further comment (though they may not necessarily be in agreement about the topic being discussed). Speakers routinely co-operate using a range of means (such as intonation) to ensure fluency and smooth latching (marked as [=] in between co-operative exchanges on transcription).

Layout – The layout of a text may include its use of paragraphs, the type of font, size of lettering, use of capitals, italics and use of accompanying images. The layout of a text is related to its purpose, audience and context.

Legato – A term used to describe speech that is marked by a drawled or elongated pronunciation.

Lento – A term used to describe speech that is articulated slowly.

Manner – The relationship between participants in a language interaction.

Metonymy – The use of an attribute for the thing meant (e.g. crown for royalty).

Minimal responses – Used during conversations to encourage a speaker.

Modification – The use of one linguistic item to specify the nature of another (the blue sea; the lion roared loudly).


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