English mock exam preparations


Absolutely important sections of Pride and Prejudice:

The Ball at Meryton

The Netherfield Ball

Darcy's and Mr Collin's proposal to Elizabeth


  • The use of letters
  • Irony
  • Dialogue
  • Austen's satirical voice
  • The fast pace of the novel
  • Constant introduction to new characters and events
  • Marraiges occur at the end of the novel, and so marraige cannot be a central interest
  • Characterisation-Differents between Mrs Bennet and Mrs Gardiner- aiding Austen's characterisation- Also differences between Mr Wickham and Mr Collins + Mr Darcy
  • Intrigue and suspense
  • The introductory paragraph of Pride and Prejudice
  • Links to The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Austen's clever structure- Elizabeth being informed of Darcy's actions by Fitzwilliam- Darcy's attempts to disparage


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