Evaluating ethical approaches to business ethics:

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Kantian Ethics Perspective:

Only following an action that everyones should follow; e.g moving a factory/call centre to India to reduce costs and increase profits.

Kantian ethics would state this must be universable; and other companies should do this also.

financial gai for a compnay is of self-interest- they rely on a good outcome for their stockholders- however they may have little concern for stakeholders such as workers in India and customers in th UK.

Are the workers being used as a means to an end?

The requirements of a business (profit) may contradict with the Kantain ideals of people having intrinsic value not to be used as a means to an end).

Kantian ethical duties may be used as a baseline for assurance of equality and trust- central moral and ethical business approaches.

Utilitarian Ethics  Perspective:

Iff happiness is maximises, more people should benefit.

Have to distinguish between the quantity and quality of pleasure 

e.g buyers of an expensive Nike shoe may be materialistically happy in their millions, but a 100 workers in said compnais factory may be overworked, underpaid, adolescents, or in poor and


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