Evaluating Freud's dream theory


Strengths of Freud's dream theory - 

  • He used unique methods to find data that was difficult to access.
  • He gathered in-depth data and detailed information about individuals (qualiative data (data involving stories or attitudes) about real life valid data (refering to findings of studies and means that they are real life situations, real life behaviour or feelings that are real)).

Freud used unique methods to uncover unconscious wishes and desires which are not conscious and so are hard to access.

Freud listened to his patients very carefully over a long period of time. He was only willing to carry out analysis under two conditions. First, he had to know his patients well. Second, they had to co-operate with analysis and contribute by commenting on any analysis. Therefore, his information was about real life and as such was valid. 

Weaknesses of Freud's…




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