Explain the term ‘democratic overload’ in the context of US voting behaviour.


 Democratic overload, also known as “voter fatigue” is found in the US due to the large amount of different kinds of elections held at state and federal levels. The high level of elections in the US is seen as ‘president down to dog catcher’ elections. The amount of elections in the US This is due to America’s system of separation of powers, which means voters have the option to vote for multiple representatives in each branch. The bi-cameral system in Congress also increases amount of elections as voters have elections for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Federalism means voters also can vote on both state and federal level, such as the Senate, with each state having their own and an overall federal Senate. In recent years, the importance of primary elections has increased, taking away power from party leaders and putting it onto the public, meaning they can elect who runs for president. As well as these, many local councils also hold votes on local issues.

With this large amount of elections, voters can become tired of


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