Factors Affecting Reaction Rates

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What affects the rate of a reaction?

The rate of a reaction may be affected by:

  • the concentration of the reactants --> the rate of reaction of chlorine atoms with ozone in the stratosphere increases as the concentraion of chlorine atoms increase
  • the temperature --> almost all reactions are sped up when the temperature is increased
  • the intensity of radiation (if the reaction involves radiation) --> UV radiation of a certain frequency causes O2 molecules to split to O atoms, and the reaction goes faster when the intensity of the Uv radiation increases
  • the particle size of a solid  --> a solid like magnesium reacts much faster when it is finely powdered compared to it being a large lump as the surface area is increased.
  • the presence of a catalyst

The collision theory of reactions

  We can explain the effect of these factors with a basic idea called collision theory. It is the idea that reactions occur when the particles of reactants collide…


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