Fascist Italy


How Successful Was The Liberal Foreign Policy In Generating Support In Italy?

  • 1896 is Italy's nadir (lowest point)
  • Must link to issues at home
  • Introduction
  • Success abroad is good for support at home (domestic)
  • A priority in Italy's, but beset with difficulty
  • Few resources to spare, powerful rivals
  • German Chancellor Bismark
  • "Big appetite, little eyes"
  • Pressure for foreign policy success
  • Government being forced to do something
  • General to increase national pride/ support
  • Nationalists -> growing belief in Italiante - All things Italian
  • "Patriotism"
  • This is a small but vocal group in Italy
  • They must be appeased
  • Nationalists party - ANI; 2nd regime, clamor for action shuts them up!
  • Irredentist - unification was incomplete
  • Wants Itallia Irredente from Austria (Lombardy and Veneto)
  • Futurists; new right with group in early 20th century
  • Glorified war, action and violence
  • Some liberals (Crispy) Nationalist sympathies with
  • C is prepared to take a calculated risk

Case study ; Relationship with France and Austria

  •  Italy's land aspiration in Europe lay east
  • Yet allies with Austria and Germany


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