feminism and religion

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Feminism and religion

-see society as patriarchal and see religion as a patriarchal institution which legitimises womens oppression.
-RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS are mainly male dominated. e.g orthodox catholicism forbids women to become priests.
-A R M S T R O N G: preventing women from ecoming priests shows their marginalisation.
-PLACES OF WORSHIP separate men and women, with men often taking centre stage whilst women watch bbehind screens. In some religions women cannot read sacred texts.
- H O L M: women not allowed to touch the koran in islam if they are on their period- shows devaluation of women in contemporary society.
-Sacred texts mainky feature male gods and prophets, oppressing womens importance in religion. Also sometimes condemn women for causing upheaval in the world. e.g, despite Adam's role, Eve in Genesis is blamed for humanity's sin and their pre-disposed nature to give in to temptation.
-RELIGIOUS LAWS AND CUSTOMS- may give women fewer rights


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