1920'S America- The Roaring Twenties


  • Scientific developments questioning religion; other theories questioning the existence of God (ie: Big Bang being discussed)
  • KKK were reluctant with the change happening; they strongly opposed to the great freedom the Americans were given and didn't approve of prohibition as drinking in certain occassions was traiditional. 
  • Many Americans were finding new religions or were straying away from belief in religion altogether.

'The Lost Generation' 

  • are the generation that came of age during WW1.
  • They are called the 'Lost Generation' because there was great confusion amongst war survivors
  • They were also a group of writers and poets who were men and women of this period

Technology and Change

  • Mass production of motor cars
  • Period of rapid expansion of industries and manufacturing goods and growth in consumer articles
  • American cities were prospering and were becoming very wealth with everyone wanting to be rich


  • Women had a new found freedom as they could vote and go to college but they were still expected to fulfill motherhood roles and


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