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Compare how the poets show ideas of futility in Futility and one other poem of your choice.

Owen uses language and structure to show ideas of futility in the poem Futility.  Armitage's uses  language and structure to show ideas of futility in the poem Out of the Blue.
Futility is the story of a soldier in the war dying of the unbearable temperatures and "until this morning and this snow". Out of the Blue is the story of a man jumping of the Twin Towers after the unbearable heat behind him "bullying".  Owen's use of personification  "the kind old sun will know" shows how the soldier's hope and trust in the sun is significant. Armitage's similiar use of personification " but the white of the surrender is not yet flying" shows the immense hope that the later victim of 911 has.

Both Owen and Armitage use tone to inform the reader of the theme of Futility gradually growing throughout Armitage's Out of the Blue and Owen's Futility. The first line is the most important and influential one of every poem."Move him into the sun"  implicitly tells the reader that the sun is a very influencial part of the poem and it also explicitly tells the soldier a


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