GCSE English Language - Explorers or boys messing about?


Explorers or boys messing about? EIther way, taxpayer gets rescue bill

Immediately, the title introduces irony to the passage successfully. The writer has placed two complete anthesis' of each other and this encourages the reader to reflect on the differences between them. For instance, the word 'explorers' is highly sophisticated and outlines how the word 'boys' is the complete opposite. The irony that is inevitably created is also able to contribute to the humour of the text. The rhetorical question is purposely there so that there is a clear and distinct difference between the two figures. Note the fact that this is the first sentence foreshadows that there may be more irony and differences between them that may come in the following paragraphs. However, the second sentence is perhaps a result of what has happened, and the result of their behaviour to the readers (the Taxpayers). 

The writer has effectively incorporated the context of the piece as well. The context is that two British explorers called Steve Brooks and Quentin Smith




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