GCSE ICT Edexcel - Exam questions


1) Explain how having access to the internet could enhance a family's daily life. (6 marks)

  • To help with learning and school work because it gives you access to lots of information (for example sites such as BBC Bitesize).
  • To shop online and make payments online, it also allows them to comapre prices online.
  • To research travel arrangements (for example booking holidays).
  • To socialise online and keep in touch with distant reatives and friends regularly.

2) Describe two ways in which networks have an impact on society. (4 marks)

  • Allows people to work from home but communicate easily with other people using email, VoIP and file sharing software (teleworking).
  • People can easily research ideas using the internet.
  • Networks also impact *** we buy things - we no longer need to leave our homes to g oshopping and can shop at any time of day, using the internet.




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