GCSE RE- 10.1.1 to 10.1.5- Beliefs and Values

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Meaning of Believing In God as Unity and Trinity-

  • Christians believe in only 1 God.
  • Christians should only worship him.
  • Believe God is split into 3.
  • Christians can understand God's power and importance through unity.
  • Trinity helps to understand God's presence in the world.
  • The trinity is a unity like a shamrock (three parts in one).

Importance of Belief in Unity-

  • First of 10 commandments.
  • Jesus teaches it's the greatest commandment.
  • It is in the teaching of the catechism. 
  • God is omnipotent- only if he is a unity can he be all-powerful.

Importance of Belief in the Trinity-

  • Helps show different ways God is present on earth.
  • The bible shows the trinity- Jesus' baptism; God speaks, Jesus is baptised and Holy Spirit descends in form of dove. 
  • Part of apostolic tradition.
  • Teaching of the Catechism and in the creeds.


Meaning of Believing in God as the Father-

  •  Christians should have a father/child relationship.
  • God has a relationship of love and care in his creation.
  • God provides daily bread and protection for evil (in the Our Father prayer)
  • Christians can turn to him in need.


  • Jesus taught his disciples (therefore all Christians) to call God 'Father'- teachings of Jesus are basis of faith.
  • Creeds and Catechism teach it.


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