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  • Places have changes their function and characteristics over time .

Over time , places have changed their functions , ( adminstrative , commercial , retail and industrial) and demographic characteristics (gentreification , age structure and ethnic composition).

Endogenenous factors : Those which orginate from within the place and are local : 

Land Use - Is the area urban or rural?

● Topography-The relief and lie of the land

● Physical Geography - Are there waterfalls? Is the area urban or an estuary?

● Infrastructure - Services that enhance or are essential to living conditions:

○ Roads, railways, canals, airports ○ Broadband and phone networks, water supply, sewers and electrical grids ○ Parks, public pools, schools, hospitals, libraries

○ Education system, health care provision, local government, law enforcement, emergency services

● Demographic Characteristics - Age, gender…


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