Geography A-level - Volcanoes



  • In the Congo
  • 200,000 inhabitants
  • Crater: 250m deep and 2km wide
  • Lave lake
  • Erupted over 30 times since 19th century 
  • Responsible for over 40% of Africas volcanic eruptions

Effects of Nyirangongo:

  • Lava flows destoyed 1/3 of Goma (Capital) - covering the N 1/3 of runway at Goma airport - limits the flow of AID available
  • Commercial centre destroyed, along with medical facilities and food, water and power supplies
  • Death toll: 147 - mainly from poisonous gases in the atmosphere and cholera 
  • 350,000 fled to Rwanda (area known for being dangerous) 
  • Lake Kivu was contaminated with sulphurous lava - led to many deaths…


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