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natural hazard - extreme natural events that have the potential for the loss of human life ( these include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis ect )

factors such as how densly populated an area is, the magnitude of the event or the rock type presemt during events like earthquakes, all impact the risk ot the hazard and its danger levels.


tectonic hazard - a hazardous event that occurs when the earth's crust moves. for example when plates move they may bcome stuck due to friction, this builds tension which ends in the plates slipping, releasing an earthquake

plate tectonic theory - 

there are 3 types of plate margins: destructive, constructive, conservative

destructive plate margins: when oceanic and continental plates move together. the denser oceanic plate is forced under the lighter continental plate where it is melted due to friction. this produces magma which allows for the formation…


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