Geography as unit 2 half finished revision list and notes



Urban case studies


·         London Olympics

·         Sixfields (basic knowledge)

·         Manchester commonwealth games


Waterfront Developments

·         Northampton Marina

·         London Docklands

·         Liverpool

·         Birmingham Canals



·         Liverpool city of culture

·         Northampton market square


Flagship - definition

·         Birmingham - NCC

·         Northampton Market



·         LDR (Olympics, Docklands)

·         Northampton Bus Station / Train Station

·         Birmingham Rail



·         Olympics (Stratford)

·         Curitiba


Rural Case Studies


·         Eden Project


Farm Diversification

·         Wheal Jane Farm

·         Paintballing

·         Petting farms



·         Broadband - Businesses run through the internet

·         Wheal Jane Farm



·         Heritage (History)

·         Ludlow

·         Glastonbury


Coastal Case Studies

·         Cornwall

·         Blackpool

·         Bournemouth artificial reef


Crowded Coasts

Competition for coasts

·         Lancashire

·         Blackpool

·         Bournemouth


Coping with pressure

·         The Jurassic Coast (physical processes)

·         Studland (sand dunes and salt marshes)



<strong>      World Heritage Site with many SSSI’s

</strong>      95 miles from East Devon to Dorset

<strong>      17 million visitors per year

</strong>      185 millions years of Earth’s geological history recorded in fossils.


Key tension – environmental conservation vs. economic development. Many groups of stakeholders have a viewpoint as how to best manage to coastline, these include…

Local residents, the National Trust, Fishermen, Landowners, Private Developers, County Councils, UNESCO, Sunbathers & Tourists.

The amount of tourists means that there is continuous demand for more caravan parks/ campsites. Other effects of tourism include…

Erosion of coastal paths, Habitat disturbance, Litter, Pollution, Seasonal unemployment and Overcrowded ‘honey-pot’ sites.


Place along the Jurassic Coast:

Studland Bay: Owned by the National Trust and is a SSSI nature reserve, also home to a nudist beach. 25,000 visitors can be expected on a summer’s day! With most visitors arriving by car, there are 4 main car parks providing 2,500 spaces – an insufficient amount for all the visitors… Congestion becomes a major issue. The many visitors cause various problems including litter, trampling of sand dunes and noise pollution.

Conservation vs. Economic development. Many actions have been taken to protect the dunes, environment etc at Studland Bay by the National Trust.

Also along the Jurassic Coast that rebranding schemes can take advantage of:

<strong>      Weymouth – site of 2012 Olympic Sailing Events

</strong>      Land features such as Old Harry Rocks

<strong>      Fishing – Important fishing grounds that sustains 400 ships

</strong>      Ferry services at Poole Harbour

*      600 known shipwrecks for deep sea divers

 Studland (impact of tourism)


Dibden Bay (economic vs environmental costs)

Controversial proposal to build new container port on SSSI site. Would cost £700 million and


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