Geography- Superpowers.

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What is a superpower?-
Superpowers are countries with a huge amount of power and influence. they are usually very large in terms of population and physical size. the large physical size may make it more likely that the country will have more natural resources, which will create power. A true superpower is one that has global influence and can do pretty much what ever they want. there is only one major superpower at the moment, and that is the US. 
"a superpower must be able to conduct a global command vast economic potential and influence and present a universal ideology". 

some other types of powers-
emerging superpowers: have growing influence, such as China. and the EU which has lots of power but the policies are often compromises between 27states which does not make them very powerful.
emerging powers: are further away from the superpower status, they include places like Russia and India. they have powerful cards such as resources…