Germany 1900-45 : Historians to include


Fritz Fischer:

  • Fischer thesis 
  • Believed that Germany deliberately started World War One to become a world power
  • Used the death of Franz Ferdinand to plan war
  • Used war as a solution to internal problems


  • Believed that Germany started WW1 to sort out domestic problems 

Blackburn and Eley:

  • 'History from below'
  • Believed that WW1 was caused by the elite reacting to the growth of political diversity and a desire for each region and area to have a genuine political voice
  • Wanted to hold down traditional conservative structure despite the changing class

Gerhard Ritter:

  • Germany 'offensively conducted war'

Ian Kershaw:

  • Believed that Hitler was in control for somethings yet not for others - took a middle stand point

David Lloyd George:

  • 'The nations…


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