Globalisation And Global Crime

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Defining Globalisation

* Greater interconnectedness in all aspects of life, including cultures, finance and criminals.

* Metaphorically speaking, the world is shrinking = Increases in mass communications available to everyone, increases in movement of people, trading and goods and services all have less barriers, therefore creating an impact on crime in all societies.

(Basically, in easier terms, the modern forms of communication make national boundaries and the space between them less significant. What happens in one society, may also have an impact on another society no matter where they are located.)


Global Crime

Global crime refers to how crime is increasingly being conducted across national borders, this may also be referred to as transnational crime.

Globalisation has involved the massive growth in the following forms of crime:

* Dealing in illicit drugs

* Illegal trafficking of human beings

* Illegal trafficking in weapons

* Drugs trade

* Violent crimes, including terrorism

* Corruption and corporate crimes generally

* War crimes

* Web/Internet based crimes

Part of the reason for this increase in transnational crime is due to the economy's demand and supply.

The rich west demands illegal produce such as drugs and sex workers, the poorer third…


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