Glossary of Key Terms for Analysis - Lingustic Terms


Tools for Analysis

Linguistic terms - Drama specific

Euphemism - Where a word that could be considered harsh or offensive is substituted for one which is softer, indirect or vague.

Simple Sentence - A sentence that only has one clause ( no grammar in it).

Complex Sentence - A sentence that contains a dependant clause which adds onto the main clause, e.g. When the bell rings (dependant clause), walk away (main clause).

Compound Sentence - A sentence that has two independent clauses (ones that could be just a simple sentence) joined together by a conjunction.

Exclamatory Sentence - A sentence which uses or expresses exclamation, usually with '!' on the end.

Declarative Sentence - A sentence which lets people know something, or explains something. E.g. "I need to be alone."

Imperative Sentence - A sentence which expresses a command or is commanding. E.g. "Sit down."

Interrogative Sentence - A sentence which conveys a question, usually with '?' on the end.

Parentheses - A explanatory sentence which interrupts sentence structure without affecting it. Usually found in early texts.

Ellipsis - The omission from a sentence one or more words…


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