Glossary of Key Terms for Analysis - Literary Terms.


Glossary of Key Terms for Analysis.

Literary Terms - Specific to Drama

Characterisation - When the playwright describes distinctive characteristics or essential features of certain characters.

Conflict - A source of tension between two characters.

Antagonist - The adversary of the protagonist, or the 'bad guy' in the drama.

Protagonist - The leading character, hero or heroine in a drama.

Climax - The decisive moment in the play, either of maxim intensity or the major turning point.

Staging - the act, process or manner of presenting a play on stage.

Tone - A quality to the speech which expresses meaning or feeling.

Simile - Where two things are compared explicitly, usually with the word 'like'.

Literal Language - Where it is true to fact, not exaggerated.

Dialogue - The conversation between characters in the drama.

Aside - Lines said by actors which are intended for the audience…


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