Gottesman and Shields (1991)


Gottesman and Shields - A review of recent adoption twin and family studies of Schizophrenia

AIM: to review research into the genetic transmission of schizophrenia

SAMPLE:  a total of 8 studies made up of 3 ADOPTION STUDIES and 5 TWIN STUDIES711 participants in the ADOPTION STUDIES, in the TWIN STUDIES there were 210 MZ twins and 319 DZ twins

METHODOLGY: the total of 8 studies conducted between 1967 and 1976


  • the incidence of schizophrenia in adopted children and MZ twins was extrapolated (taken) from the research - this was done by comparing biological parents and siblings, and adoptive parents and siblings in the ADOPTION STUDY
  • in the TWINS STUDIES, the concordance rates


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