Grey and Melbourne as Prime Ministers



1832   December: Lord Grey and Whigs triumph in General Election

1834   July:           Lord Melbourne accepts office of Prime Minister

          November: William IV dismisses the Melbourne Government

          DecemberSir Robert Peel becomes Prime Minister

                             Peel issues the Tamworth Manifesto and establishes the                               Conservative Party

1835 February:   Lichfield House Pact formed to undermine Peel

         April:          Lord Melbourne replaces Peel as Prime Minister

1841                    Election gives conservatives majority and Peel forms a new     h                          government

1846                    Corn Laws repealed, Peel resigns

Grey as Prime Minister

The Reform Act was passed in 1832, and that December Lord Charles Grey called a general election. In this election, Whigs ended up winning 479 seats, whereas the Tories had only won 179. This had meant not only did they win, but they won a considerable majority- a landslide.


Grey's government had a series of reforms, such as the banking system reforms, the abolition of slavery and the factory reform to name a few. But despite their triumphs, they faced three major difficulties. Firstly there was the loss through resignation or retirement of several influential Whig leaders. The second was the fierce disagreements between the Whigs and the Radicals. Finally, Ireland.


Radicals were men who had come up into parliament through the reform…


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