Haiti Documentary Notes


Haiti Documentary

General Information

  • 12th January 2010
  • 7.0 magnitude
  • 4:53pm local time
  • epicentre 15m from Port-au-Prince
  • epicentre 13km deep
  • intial shock was less than 1 minute in length

diagram of Haiti earthquake (http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/world/10/haiti_feature_include/img/haiti786x525.gif)


  • amount of energy released was like the area was being bombed
  • North American and Caribbean plates
  • strike-slip fault rips island apart
    • after 200 years the energy built up reached its limit and moved


  • huge humanitarian crisis
  • shanty towns sprung up around Port-au-Prince
  • seismic waves radiated through the island as they moved soild rock
    • intense shaking in Port-au-Prince
  • port was severly damaged
    • couldn't be used to bring in aid
  • lateral spreading
    • white sand found on surface comes from below and was brought up by the shaking
  • amplification
    • soft sediment shakes more
      • Port-au-Prince built on soft sediment
  • 1.5 million people homeless
  • in Port-au-Prince 1 in 3 buildings collapsed
    • pancaking
    • lack of steel rods to support
    • buildings claimed 200,000 lives
  • uplift of land
    • coral brought out of water
    • farmland subsided
    • this was not expected

Haiti after the earthquake

Looking forward

  • engineers are working to…


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