Health and social care.


The effects of unexpected life events:

Poor physical and hygienic conditions.
Eat a strict diet- same weakly( helps to maintain weight)
Access to gym or fitness equipment- keeps you physically fit.
More time on your hands to read or write letters.
Skills- jobs, cooking, cleaning.
Angry, upset, scared and unhappy because of not wanted to be there.
Meeting new people.
Not being able to see their family.

Being excluded from school:
Not being able to take part in physical sports.
Missing out on school work.
Affects your exam results in adolescence.
Upset or annoyed because you're in trouble.
Won't be able to socialise with school friends.
Missing out on social activities at school eg school trips or school party's.

The effects of expected life events:

Starting school:
Ealy childhood- develop fine motor skills.
Sence of belonging.
Learning new skills and knowledge.
Language develops.
Make new friends.
Learn to share.

Retiring from work:
Your body will have the time to recooperate as not working.
Feeling less exhausted because your are not working.
Stress levels maybe become lower because they are not working- this came lead to happiness.
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