Henry VII aims (consolidation of power)



To consolidate his power

Henry's claim to power was weak compared to those on the Yorkists side. Elizabeth of York, Edmund, Earl of Warwick and the de la Pole brothers arguably had a stronger claim to the throne than Henry. Henry would have to defend his throne from rivals and enemies. Margaret of Burgundy was willing to provide financial support to any Yorkist rival who wished to challenge Henry.

Earl of Warwick

Edward Platagenet was the 10 year old nephew of Edward IV and Richard III. Henry VII immediately placed him in the Tower of London after Bosworth Battle. He was well treated in prison but was later executed for treason in 1499.


Henry had his coronation on the 30th October 1485, before his parliament met. This was deliberate as he didn't want people to think he owed his position as King to Parliament. The coronation ceremony was important as it required the nobility to swear an oath of loyalty. It also required the approval of the Catholic Church. People believed the monarch was divinely chosen by God. Therefore rebelling against Henry would


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