Historical development of Buddhism in China and Japan

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Indigenous traditions of China

When Buddhism was introducing in China, in the 1st century CE, it encountered an advanced civilisation with highly developed religious, philisophical, socail and political systems of its own. Buddhism never replaced them, but grew along side them. The two main influences on Chinease Buddhism were Confucianism and Taoism.


Confucious (551-479BCE) established this main system of ethical behaviour, it consisted of guidlines for the behaviour of individuals and society. The fundamental virtues included, respect for others, courtesy, hard work, social concern and worshiping ones parents. Moral behaviour is motivated by a genuine sense of loving kindness towards others. The golden rule of confusianism is 'Do as you would be done by'

Human beings are seen as one point is a triangle of forces: earth, man and an impersonal heaven, the emperor is the mediator of these forces and is highly respected. this gives way to…


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