History- Elizabeth 1st- part 1

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1.Describe two features of Elizabeth’s religious settlement.

a) P.Act of Supremacy- E.explain that it made her the head of the church. ( all clergy had to swear an oath of allegiance to Elizabeth)

b) P.Act of Uniformity- E.explain that this meant that the appearance and type of services all had to be the same.(the wording of the church services were delibreratly unclear so both religions could adapt it their way.)

2.Explain why Mary Queen of Scots created a problem for Elizabeth after she came to England in 1568. You may use the following in your answer:

•The Duke of Norfolk


You must also use information of your own. (12 marks)

a) P. The Duke of Norfolk. -E.Mary was involved in a plot to marry the Earl of Norfolk in 1569.Ex.Duke was Elizabeth's 2nd cousin meaning if Mary married him they would have an even stronger claim to the throne.Mary is catholic most of England is Catholic meaning she would


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