History - Essay Plan for How Successful was Pitt's Foreign Policy?


How Successful was Pitt's Foreign Policy 1783-1793?

Opening Paragraph:

In 1784, shortly after Pitt was appointed PM, BR foreign policy was at a low point. Britiain had lost the American Colonies, no firm allies due to a succession of wars, and imperial trading tensions. The navy was weak, and BR faced RUS expansion and a strong FRA with the Bourbon family compact in FRA and ESP. By 1792, close to war with FRA, the extent of Pitt's foreign policy can be judged based on ending isolation, achieving a balance of power, restricting FRA influence and promoting strength.

1. Ending Isolation

  • Judged as largely successful.
  • Was isolated due to tensions over trade e.g. League of Armed Neutrality and wars.
  • Successes: Triple Alliance (BR, PRU, UP); Dutch backing BR at Nootka Sound, showing Alliance; New HRE leader Leopald II anxious about consequences of FRA Rev -> offered BR friendship
  • Limitations: Pitt was not prepared to support PRU in request for more POL land and PRU did not understand BR concerns about the UP; UP merchants resented BR trade competition and restrictions during Am. War -> Despite treaty in 1785, a Patriot party grew that was pro-FRA and the danger was that they would get FRA to help overthrow House of Orange, ally of BR

2. Restricting French Influence

  • Only moderately successful
  • 1784 - FRA had a


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