History revision


German growth under Hitler and the Nazis.

History revision

The Nazis took strict control over the economy.

Hitler solved the huge unemployment problem in Germany. He gave 6 million people jobs.

  • Hitler succeeded in his plan to employ the unemployed. He created a programme to employ them into public work. This involved making roads and motorways. This scheme dropped unemployment numbers significantly.
  • However, the Nazis edited the real statistics of unemployment figures to make them look better than they were. For example, in their statistics, it didn't include women or Jews. This is known as "invisible unemployment".
  • Despite the Nazis lying about employment figures, they had reduced unemployment by millions which helped the economy.

People were encouraged to work by reward:

  • All men of the age between 18-25 were eligible for recruitment into the National Labour Service. 
  • The Nazis dismantled the trade union and formed the Nazi's labour front instead.
  • Workers were rewarded with cheap holidays and leisure activities through the Nazi's new scheme of "Strenght through joy". 
  • They also created the "Beauty of Labour" scheme. This encouraged factories to improve their working conditions for their employees.
  • With unemployment coming to…


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