History revision


The soviet withdrawal

  • The USSR a Marxist-Lenin control over Russia and Eastearn Eurpoean countries.
  • The cold war caused crisis in the USSR. This is down to many factors such as: The space race (America and Russia were in competition with each other to see who could successfully reach the moon first). Another reason is both Russia and America were in desperate want of nuclear weapons (WOMD) to gain superiority and to be feared. However Soviet living standards decreased as a result of the vast amounts of money spent on weapons.
  •  Farming within the Soviet Union was poor which decreased the amount of food produced which resulted in them importing food from other countries.
  • Gradually the Soviet government became more and more corrupt resulting in poor living standards compared to the west.
  • While all of this was taking place the Soviet Union was at war with Afghanistan (since 1979). They lost this


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