History Section 4


WW11 Allies                                     Yalta Conference February 1945


USA, Britain, France

  • Divide Germany (Berlin) in to 4 zones
  • Stalin to have influence in Eastern Europe but these countries to have free elections
  • The problem of Poland and Soviet control


Soviet Union (USSR)

Postdam Conference

  • Cooler relations now war was ended
  • Truman replaces Roosevelt;
  • Atlee replaces Churchill
  • Germany to pay reperations mostly to the USSR *West changes its mind!

Salami Tactics by USSR

Truman Doctrine                           The Iron Curtain between East and West


Marshall Plan

Truman Doctrine

Help any nation threatened by Communism E.g America help to Greece

Marshall Plan

USA aid to help Europe recover from war, Available to Eastern European Countries

  • A triumph for Truman as the Western economies begin to flourish

Announced by Stalin as `economic imperialism` he refuses to allow countries under his influence to apply for AID

Tensions Grow/ Divide Deepens


Designed to strengthen Communist states against US agression

Germany Divided


A weak Germany might be taken over by the Communist; a strong Germany would act as a buffer (aid containment) strong Germany helps European economy this…


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