How far do you agree that the new Weimar Republic was seriously threatened by political extremists in the years 1919–24? Q2-30 marks


Ever since formtation of Germany- 1870

Mainstay of German politics held with elites and the middelclass

radical parties- Right Wing Freikorps- mainly blamed for collapse of Weimar 

- as a result seen as most serious threat

the established conservatives held most influence

integral part of politics for so long

no threat from either end of political sepctrum

Instability of Weimar- matched with views of defeat WW1

political organisations attempting to spread ideals about Germany 

recent communist infestation of Russia- idea communism realistic alternative- influenced Spartacus League

Spraticist Revolt of 1919- first radical uprising 

50,000 supporters revolting- quickly contained among public- fear of 'Red Plague'- rife 

-uprising not supported by populous 

crushed by better trained Freikorps 

Weimar not seriously threatened by left- wing extremists 

lack organisation to take advantage since WW1 nationalist soldiers of Germany- pose a threat- they who suffered both militarily and economically- led by a left-wing govt

Freikorps- a group of ex-soldiers- own organisation of para-military units

Weimar Constitution eradicate any threats from extreme left

Anti-Republicans- no respect for Weimar- wanted to reinstate an authotarian rule 

The Kapp Putsch of 1920 exhibited weakess of Weimar - no control over current events

Freikorps took control of Berlin- not opposed by Army despite Ebert insisting retaliation 

After 6 days Kapp Putsch collapsed

Actions of Army during Putsch- refelcted Right Wing attitudes- lack of loyalty towards…


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