How places are created through placemaking processes

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Key idea: Places is produced in a variety of ways at different scales 

How places are produced by a range of people

The various challenges that need to be faced in the next few decades must have place and placemaking as a key element. Eg. where will people live? Where will people work? What types of communities will people live in? How will people and goods move around?

The role of governmants and other organisations

Increased use of GIS has meant that more people and governments are using geography as part of their work.

Governments at all scales are becoming more aware of the need to consider placemaking as part of their operations.

In the UK, National governments represents a country as a place on the international stage. Government parties also engage with foreign countries. For example, trade links are supported and military co-operation is organised.

The British coucil is an organisation that specialises in promoting educational and culural links abroad.

The attraction of FDI

With the growth of TNCs in all sectors of the economy, governments have been keen to encourage inwards investment by TNCs. Many TNCs have considerable choice when identifying locations for investment.

FDI has increased since 1980 but with ebbs and flows depending on health of the global, regional and national economies. Most FDI flows of capital are from TNCs headquartered in ACs. Over 60% of their investments are in other ACs 

TNCs originating in EDCs and LIDCs are having an increasing presense regionally or globally. Eg. Tata (an Indian based TNC) owns Jaguar and Landrover 

How planners and architects make places

Architecture can make an important contribution to placemaking through the design of individual buildings. Commission for Architecture and the Built environment- is part of the design council and provides advise on architecture, urban design and public space.

Local authorities…


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