Humans at the Coast


The Sundarbans region is in Bangladesh and India:

It is in southwest Bangladesh and east India, on the delta the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal.

Large parts of protected as a National Park or forest reserve.

Land is flat and low-lying.

Home to many rare species of plants and animals.

The coastal system is in dynamic equilibrium.

The Sundarbans region brings opportunities:

Home to 4 million people.

The area provides a rnage of natural products which bring economic benefits:

  • Growing crops, e.g. rice, on fertile land.
  • Ecosystem of the mangrove forest provides fish, crabs, honey and nipa palm leaves.
  • Forests provide timber for contruction, firewood and furniture.

It provides services for locals:

  • Forest provides a natural defence against flooding.
  • Mangroves protect the area against coastal erosion - their roots bind together.

Opportunities for development, to increase the wealth of Bangladesh as a whole:

  • Tourism - attracted by mangroves and wildlife.
  • Cargo ships transporting goods such as oil and food inland have been allowed to use the waterways.
  • Power plant provides energy for people…


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