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·  Primary - people extract raw materials from the land or sea. eg. farming, fishing, mining

·  Secondary - people manufacture things using raw materials. eg. turning iron ore into steel

· Tertiary - service industry. eg. doctors, teachers, builders, shop keepers, fashion designers

·  heavy industry - the manufacture of goods that require large amounts of heavy or bulky raw materials. eg. iron & steel, pottery

·  light industry - the production of high-value goods. eg. car stereo, fashion clothing

·  Business parks – a group of new offices or modern factories built in pleasant surroundings usually on the edge of a city,

o   sometimes has leisure facilities

o   not so much research

·  science parks – an estate of modern offices and hi-tech industries having links with a university (same as a business park but has a link with a university and does more research)

 CASE STUDY – Cambridge science park

·large, flat, Greenfield site on the edge of city – rural/urban


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