Introduction to Nationalism University unit 1701ss

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Introduction to nation and the history, 1815-1945 

1701ss Module Guide Brett Sanders

  • Concept of a nation=language you speak- it forms the society you live in.
  • The only authority with legal power to tax earnnings.
  • Gives Social glue, such as kindhip as it provides people with an identity. 
  • Gives people a sense of belonging and togetherness- as everyone feels as tho they are in this together. 
  • Dominates social and legal reality
  • Voting at elections- e.g. Breit- 'we're all in this together'- bringing power back.
  • Nationalism vs Patriotism
  • Nationalism= trying to regain power/ your country- getting rid of minorities.
  • Patriotism= love for ones country.
  • Nationalist Movememnts= political history= ***** of land, identity ideas, culture.
  • A nation= geographical space, religion and nationhood.
  • Dual identities- meanings of English and British.
  • Not everyone feels their identity is based on being British rather than something else like Scottish- referendum= 45%= Scottish vs British.
  • Different types of Nationalism= commodities- independent Nation states= Scottish, Catalania are of Spain.
  • Examples: Catalania vs Canada, Cornish vs Cornwall
  • Nations that no longer exist= Yugoslavak= 1919-1993, Czechoslavak- 1919-1993, Federation of Malay- 1957-1963, Balkans.
  • People are re-educated into having another identity
  • Western world vs Asia= Europe is the heartland f he culturally West but no all European linguistically countries would class themselves Western- Russia( not Western, Christian, Orthodox), Turkey (Muslim nation).
  • Overseas- Latin America.
  • The Clash of Civilizations, 1996, Huntington.
  • Western vs Islamic World
  • Latin America- darker in complexion
  • Modernity= Nationalism- French evolution onwars- revolution of ideas of freedom, individuality.
  • Nation states= modern idea
  • Railways, Mechinsation
  • Strict Feudal Laws- 18th century
  • 19th Century- easier moving up the social ladder.
  • Nations= uniformed languages
  • Rejection of divine rights of kings- popular soverignity- power in people.
  • Germany before Nationalism= 1871- unified state= Prussia- biggest state- economy.
  • 1815 Congress of Vienna= changed to 31 states.
  • Invention of identity- holiday- invented traditions- 'Nationalists create nations'.
  • Canada- 1963- National flag
  • 1967-National holiday
  • 1981- National anthem
  • July 1st Canada day
  • Canadian government had to creae an identity- buy into and consider themselves Canadian. 
  • Identity= conditioned by songs, art , anthems, churchill- collective identity
  • Nation state= all hat and an objection to statehood.
  • Land language
  • Quebec- French speaking= Canada- invented its own flag- free concerts- two separate identities= allegiance= 49.2% vote Independent- 50.8% remain
  • 1815= end of Napoleanic wars
  • Nationalist divorce
  • Napolean is defeated- Vienna- European hierarchy meet
  • Crimean


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