jesus christ


Jesus Christ

The most important events in jesus life are:


cruxifiction and death




Jesus was God incarnated, jesus was not conceived as everyone else, his mother mary was told by angels she would give birth to jesus.

Jesus is divine

miracle of virgin birth

jesus could perform miracles

the transfiguration of jesus, transformed infront of his apostles and shone with glorious light

ressurection of jesus


jesus teachings brought him into conflict with the jewish authorities, they viewed jesus with suspicion and accused his of blasphemy because he claimed to be able to forgive sin. his followers believed he was messiah and this was seen as a challenge to authorities, this led to his eventual arrest and execution. the jewish authorities said jesus was claiming to be messiah, a king, and this was treason.

jesus participates in the suffering of humanity and this is important to christians because it means god understands human suffering. 

summary of the cruxifiction

jesus is executed by romans

soldiers mock jesus and put a crown of thorns on him

crucified at a place called golgotha

two criminals are crucified with him

jesus is mocked by people in the crowd

jesus prays while on the cross

jesus dies on the cross

salvation and atonement

atonoment- the belief that jesus died on the cross and healed the rift between humans and god. 

for christians jesus death on the cross is an act of atonment. the fall of adam and eve destroyed the perfect relationship between humans and god and introduced sin to the world. the sins people commit in their lives take them further from god.

christians believe go dsent jesus to eart to repair the broken relationship and that through his death jesus paid the price, atoned, for human sin. this offers humans


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