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  • Used by media generically to mean holy war, but they do not consider the true definition and implications of Jihad
  • Jihad means struggle or striving in the will of Allah
  • Greater Jihad includes Jihad agaisnt one's self, of the hand and of the toungue (I.e. controlling your actions, what you say and avoiding the Haram)
  • Lesser Jihad is a community struggle against the oppression of Islam (Oftern understood to mean Holy war)
  • 'We have now finished with the lesser Jihad; we must now begin the greater Jihad' (Hadith) - Muhammad said this returning from battle - it is often disputed
  • Someone who follows Jihad is said to be a Mujahid (Sg.) or Mujadeen (Pl.)

Greater Jihad

  • To 'control his own bad desires and actions' (Sarwar)
  • Struggle and striving to follow the straight path: doing what is Maruf (Right) and avoiding what is Munkar (Evil)
  • Cleansing of the Soul -


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