Johann Sebastian Bach/ Violin concerto I


Violin Concerto I in A minor by Johann Sebastian Bach


  • Polyphonic+ contrapuntal.
  • Interweaving melodies from bars 8-10.
  • Homophonic texture from bars 5-7.
  • In 2nd ritenello there is a polarized texture where there is a high melody and accompaniament and a low bass.
  • Hetrophonic texture in the 2nd episode from bars 89-103.


  • It is in Ritenello form and is split into episodes.
  • 2nd Episode is twice as long as the 1st episode. The 2nd episode has more exciting progressions and interracts with other instruments.
  • Fort Spinung: taking a motif and repeating or spinning it out.
  • Terraced dynamics throughout.


  • Accented passing notes in melody in bars 4-6 or at the start.
  • There is…


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