Kiss of The Vampire



  • Produced in 1963 by Hammer Horror, at the time popular for their 'monster movie' posters.
  • Audience familiar with generic codes and conventions of Horror genre, in particular the Horror Trope - eg. mysognistic male and a female victim.
  • Made for American film market - "color"
  • Universal Release - sold to an american market.
  • The 1960s - start of women’s sexual liberation, aided by events such as the introduction of the contraceptive pill in 1960.
  • More women than ever were entering the paid workforce and sixties feminists were campaigning for equal pay, an end to sexual harassment and more equality between men and women in wider society.Equal pay legalised - 1963.


  • Capitalised font can be associated with Horror genre through its wooden like features that symoblise


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