law and justice essay plan


Law and justice

Intro- we assume the whole aim of law is to achieve justice…..

What is justice?(meanings, difficulty in defining, theories)

-          Justice has many meanings

-          Oxford dictionary, ‘just conduct, fairness’

-          Lord Lloyd, difficulty defining ‘justice, whatever its precise meaning may be, is itself a moral value, that is one of the aims or purposes which man sets himself in order to attain the good  life’

Types of justice

-          Procedural- requires equality of treatment in accordance with the classification laid down by rules e.g. civil and criminal appeal processes, juries

-          Corrective- the righting of wrongs through fair remedy or punishment e.g. sentencing

Theories of justice

-         St Thomas Aquinas- the natural law theory makes the assumption that if natural law if followed the result will be justice. A law which goes against god derived law will be unjust and should not be obeyed. Some


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