Left Realism

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The left realist approach, like marxists see society as an unequal capitalist society. But unlike marxists, they want to change society through reform not revolution. In other words, they believe with gradual social change, not revolution and overthrowing the capitilists, they can achieve greater equality. 

Left realists believe we need to develop full explanations of crime that will lead to practical strategies for reducing it in the here and now. 

The central idea of the left realists view, is that crime is a real problem, and one that paticulary effecs the disadvantaged groups who are its main victims. 

The criticise other sociologists for not taking crime seriously. 

Such as traditional marixsm, who concentrate on the crimes of the powerful and ignore working class crime and its effects. 

The also criticise neo marxists for romanticising working class criminals, and making them out to be modern day robin hoods, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. But in reality, working class criminals rarely victimise the rich and mainly target other working class people. 

And they criticise labelling theorists for their sympathy towards the criminals falling victim to labeling, and ignoring the real victims. 

part of the left realist view is that they recognise the very true increase in crime rates. 

They see the causes of crime are as follows:

lea and young, who are left realists see the roots of crime as being deprivation. but it isnt has direct as this, instead its the work…


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