Life and Death



Early termination of pregancy resulting death of the embryo or foetus.

It is only needed only if :

  • The life, health or mental health of the mother is at risk
  • Existing family members will suffer
  • There is a reasonable chance the baby will be born disabled.
  • Mary-Warren may say that a foetus is not a person and it is a potential one meaning that it okay to take away it's life.

Christian views

  • Roman Catholics are opposed to any abortion.
  • It depends if a foetus is a person or not as it could count as murder if you kill a foetus if it is a person. Roman Catholics believe that we should not kill the foetus as it is still a living cell in your body.
  • If a woman's life is going to be taken away then it is okay
  • The Church of England said it is bad unless the mother is in danger of losing her life, the baby had been ***** or has diablities.


  • Christians think that we should all be in a embryonic state although they say that God gives us intelligence to develop cloning and use it for curing diseases.
  • It s immoral and unnessary because it invoves debilrate creations for new human life says the Catholic Church. 
  • The Church of England think that it is unnatual but may be used for curing diseases like Heart Transplants, etc.


  • Euthansia means that you have a "happy death" which means that you…


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