Limbo Revision

  • Created by: Caleb
  • Created on: 14-05-11 16:08


  • Dual Narrative - dance & slavery


  • SOUND - the repeated "limbo/limbo like me" chorus gives the poem structure and a beat. Also the constant alliteration gives the same effect. 
  • Dual Narrative - Everything has more than one meaning. Slavery, dance, purgatory, etc. 
  • Repetition: "Limbo," "Me," "Stick" and "Dark" are all repeated at least 6 times in the poem.

Themes to compare with:

  • Sound: Island Man - S's sound like the sea in the Caribbean
  • Culture: Island Man - both separated from where they are supposed to be
  • Describing an Event: Night of the Scorpion  - both sad stories with sad endings (slavery and death [however both endings are ambiguous]). Blessing - both stories with bad endings and a great side to them (water and dance).
  • How we Treat each Other: Nothing's Changed - they are both talking about how people are treated poorly because of who they are and the colour of their skin.


  • Words create beat which link the reader to the drum of African tribes. The drum reminds Caribbean people of their African Past.
  • "Stick" The word stick is repeated throughout the poem…




Cool :)

I made some notes on limbo too, check them out if you like!!